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Welcome to the EnerJ Cup Series!
We require more Starcraft!
The EnerJ Cup Series features USD $1100 prize money each month. Sporting $200 each weekly cup and $500 each monthly final everyone can participate in our open 1on1 single elimination brackets.
Additionally we'll be shipping lots of EnerJ Cans to the players and the viewers as well! Check out the news for more details or visit our Liquipedia-Page. :)
Vacations ahead, see you in March!
Thanks for the Monthly Final yesterday, dear players and viewers - been a nice evening again! But for now we'll take the vacations break, time to get some rest. We'll see you in March again!
Season Final XX ahead
The Ranking is set. We have the top 16 players from this season ready to battle each other in the upcoming Season Final, which takes place next Wednesday at 18:00 o'clock CET.

Check out the » Season 5 Ranking (and click player names) for more stats and have a look at the » Grid, where you can already see the matchups for the final rounds.
XIX on Thursday
Yesterday had a couple surprises and a quite fast final - all in all XVIII was a good show and servers were stable again, so we're good to go for the next one. SignIn is already open, see you Thursday!
XVIII on Monday
SignIn is open as of now, but the server issues are still present and you might not get to log in correctly. We're going to fix this till Monday though. See you then. ;]
Server issues
We're sorry for the inconvenience. Our servers are having some issues, thus the login was kind of hard to achieve and the cup started with only 32 players. Our TechLab is on the task to fix those issues. Thanks for your understanding.
ECS XVII today
Due to illness we're not featuring the usual german livestream today, but the cup takes place anyway. Check out the other streams instead for some action!

SignIn is still open, cup starts at 17:00 o'clock.
Updates: Stats, Comparison, Rules, Mappool
Now featuring player statistics and comparison features. Just try yourself: go to the Hall of Fame and select a player by clicking on its name. Now you'll see some decent stats of the past games and you can compare his performance to other players too.

Aside some other fine tuning we updated the Rules: Games now must be played on european servers so we and the other casters can broadcast them. Exceptions only possible by request to an admin. The Mappool got its changes as well - suggest you take a look » here.

In other news: SignIn is open, go for it. See you next Thursday! :]
Season Five underway
Another set of qualifiers and the according final are underway. The dates are public already - the website, rules and mappool will gain some updates within the next days.

A slight change to be notified: the qualification cups start an hour earlier (17:00) but the stream still goes live at 18:00 o'clock. Check out the dates and times to the right.
Monthly Final tomorrow
Don't forget to tune in tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen. 16 top players going for fame and money.

Also check out our partner casters: OrigineTV commentating in French as well as BasetradeTV and Khaldor commentating in English. Stream will start at 18 o'clock as usual. :]
Happy new year!
Hope all of you had a decent new years eve! We're continuing with the current seasons final - next Wednesday 18:00 o'clock.

Qualified for this final: acerbly, EmpireHappy, Tefel, mYiJJAKJI, AiRevenge, mYi.Stardust, DIMAGA, Pokiray, kok7171, spirit123, AvaTaR_, NaViHappyZerG, ÐeaÐFear, kauP, theAscending and Xiaru.

Players are already invited to this tournament - so: see you next Wednesday! :]
Last Cup for 2013 incoming
30th of December at 15:00 o\'clock! On a Monday and a couple hours earlier than usual, due to it being the end of the year and quite a lot of people enjoying free time. SignIn for the EnerJ Cup XV is open - until then: merry xmas and nice holidays everyone. :]
XIII was pronounced "HSMM"
HSMM, or HunterSeekerMissileMadness, as Happy put it on his opponents. Grats on winning this one.

SignIn for XIV is open for everyone, go for it now and see you next Wednesday. =]
Back in Action
Here we go, another set of EnerJ Cups including a monthly final to get the new year started!

Due to the bunch of holidays we're slightly off on the usual dates: XIII on Dec. 11th, XIV on Dec. 18th, XV to end the year on Dec. 30th and XVI - Final takes place in 2014, Jan. 08th.
Hattrick! Season #3 over, #4 TBA soon!
Impossibru! As you can see within the » Hall of Fame / Season Final Ranking the player EmpireHappy scored a Hattrick. Three Season Finals won - in a row, despite a lot of hard-to-kill opponents!

We want more action like this - so stay tuned for the next Season #4 dates. TBA soon. :]
ECS2013 Season Final #3 incoming
Hooray for Sunday! The top16 players from seasons #3 ranking got their eMail and have been invited to the upcoming Season Final. Check out the » Hall of Fame / Ranking for more details.

Be sure to tune in, since those guys are probably going to deliver a lot of action again. USD $500 prize money to be gained is the reason for this assumption. :D

Season #4 will be announced shortly after the current Season Final on Sunday. Cup starts at 14:00 o'clock CEST. gl, hf! :]
Live Stream
LiveStream german HomerJ (HomerJ.de) LiveStream english Khaldor LiveStream english BasetradeTV LiveStream french MilleniumTV
Next tournament dates
EnerJ Cup I
2013-03-29 1400
EnerJ Cup II
2013-04-07 1400
EnerJ Cup III
2013-04-14 1400
EnerJ Cup IV - monthly Final
2013-04-21 1400
EnerJ Cup V
2013-04-28 1400
EnerJ Cup VI
2013-05-05 1400
EnerJ Cup VII
2013-05-12 1400
EnerJ Cup VIII - monthly Final
2013-05-19 1400
EnerJ Cup IX
2013-06-02 1400
EnerJ Cup X
2013-06-09 1400
EnerJ Cup XI
2013-06-30 1400
EnerJ Cup XII - monthly Final
2013-07-07 1400
EnerJ Cup XIII
2013-12-11 1800
EnerJ Cup XIV
2013-12-18 1800
EnerJ Cup XV
2013-12-30 1500
EnerJ Cup XVI - monthly Final
2014-01-08 1800
EnerJ Cup XVII
2014-01-23 1700
2014-01-27 1700
EnerJ Cup XIX
2014-01-30 1700
EnerJ Cup XX - monthly Final
2014-02-05 1800

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